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Oil & Gas

Compressors in the petrochemical and refining industry have been using since the Fifties Cozzani valves designed and set up according to the type of gas and to the different working conditions in which such compressors operate. The speed range of these compressors is from 300 to 1200 rpm with stroke up to 400 mm and cylinder diameter up to 1200 mm.

The choice of material is very important to guarantee the compatibility with the various gases. When required the design is carried out in compliance with international norms as API 618 and NACE0175.

In this field valves with thermoplastic shutters are being used more often, for example CP and CPL valves with concentric thermoplastic rings, and PD and PDL valves with a single thermoplastic plate, which can operate in dry or lubricated compressors.

Turret Valve 187CT14

Suction Valve 286PDG14


Discharge Valve 190CP10