CC: Thermoplastic Profile Ring Valve

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The CC valve patented by Dott. Ing Mario Cozzani s.r.l. has been designed from researching products with a better fluidodynamic efficiency. This valve is provided by thermoplastic rings or plate with concave profile on the flow side and flat sealing surface. Such concave profile exploits an important fluidodynamic phenomenon named Coanda after its discoverer.

The new profile creates a pilot pressure in the central part of the shutter in order to drive the flow in the guard channels. Experimental tests carried out by Italian University laboratories demonstrate the valve high efficiency.

Like the CP series, they are suited for both oil free or lubricated applications. Thanks to the peculiar ring profile, they have particular attitude to work with dirty or heavy gases. They easily replace existing valves. Unlike other profiled shutter valves, the overhauling of the CC valves is simple and economical, thanks to the flat sealing.