premio industria felix

Cozzani awarded with INDUSTRIA FELIX AWARD

We are proud to announce that on February 21st 2020, DOTT. ING. MARIO COZZANI S.r.l. has been awarded as the best women’s enterprise in the province of La Spezia for management performance and financial reliability according to 2018 financial report. The Industria Felix Award – The Italian way of doing business, founded by the journalist Michele Montemurro and organized by …

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Coronavirus outbreak – 10th March 2020 update

Dear All, Today, on the 10th of March, the Italian Government has raised the lock-down zone to the whole Italian Country in order to prevent Covid19 outbreak. This means the entire population is restricted to stay home up to the 3rd of April 2020, excepted for workers -who are allowed to commute to work-. What does it mean for Cozzani? …

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titolo salute

Coronavirus outbreak – 6th March 2020 update

Dear All, Despite the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, the area we are in is outside the lock-down zone. The Minister of Health and the Government have issued special measures applicable to the Northern Italy lock-down areas and to the rest of the Country to avoid the propagation of Covid19 virus. These measures have been initially deployed on the 24th of …

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