Petrochemical and Chemical Gas

Ethylene Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Methanol Plants, Plastic Plants are among the main categories of petrochemical plants using reciprocating compressors in the conversion of feedstock.

The processing of different kinds of gases, many of which are aggressive such as H2S or hard treatable such as chlorine or at very low temperature such as for cryogenic applications or at very high pressure, requires suitable valves for their specific use. Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani s.r.l. experience extends to a vast range of gases, such as oxygen, argon, helium, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chlorine, H2S, ammonia, HCl, acetylene, nitrogen, up to the use for synthesis of polypropylene. The choice of material is very important to assure the compatibility with the various gases.

C valves with metal rings, the first kind of valves by us produced, are still valid for lubricated use. The most suitable valve for dry compressors are the CT type with metal rings and auto-lubricating guides; they resist high temperatures and adapt to any kind of gas. They are also used in diaphragm compressors in very small sizes, where they can reach 300 °C.

There are numerous special valves specifically designed for particular use and housing. Also the standard valves are adaptable to external overall dimensions already defined by the compressor manufacturer.

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