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Support to OEMs by valves reconditioning for end-users

What we do

Standard Overhauling

Valves Maintenance (overhaul at the service shop). The valve overhauling consists in the following main activities:
  • Valve disassembling and checking of all components;
  • Cleaning of the parts;
  • Fine sandblasting;
  • Machining of the sealing surfaces;
  • Internal parts replacement;
  • Valve assembling and tightening;
  • Functional and leakage test;
  • Protection, packaging and identification of valve;
  • Final certificate of the Valve Overhauling.

Benefits for End Users and OEMs

  • All commercial and technical details are agreed with the OEM;
  • The repair activities are done at authorized workshop by skilled workers;
  • Full repairs technical support by the designer and producer of the valves;
  • Use of original spare parts for the overhauls;
  • Upgrading and modifications of valves with Cozzani engineering;
  • Inventory stocking for spares & repairs;
  • Consignment stocks of strategic spare components upon agreement;
  • Availability to collect the valves to be repaired directly from the end user plant and to return them.


Arcola, La Spezia, Italy

Our headquarter is located in Arcola. (La Spezia, Italy).

The Headquarter carries out every activity, such as design, production, sales, after sales and valves maintenance.
Valve components are exclusively manufactured in COZZANI Headquarter (Italy) and worldwide delivered.
E-mail: info@cozzani.com

Chinese Office

Beijing, China
Cozzani (Beijing) Compressor Valves Co.,Ltd
Located in Beijing, WFOE owned and fully managed by COZZANI Italy.
Activities: Sales Office, After Sales, Valves Overhauling.
E-mail: beijing@cozzani.com

Service Shops

Italy (Arcola)

COZZANI service shop in Arcola, La Spezia (Italy).

Italy (Siracusa)

COZZANI local partner
Located in Siracusa (Sicily).
Qualified by COZZANI in 2000.
E-mail: service.italy@cozzani.com


Cozzani (Beijing) Compressor Valves Co.,Ltd
Located in Beijing.
Qualified by COZZANI in 2009.
E-mail: service.china@cozzani.com

USA (Texas)

COZZANI local partner.
Located in Chappell Hill (Houston)
Qualified by COZZANI in 2010.
E-mail: service.usa@cozzani.com


COZZANI local partner.
Located in Mexico City (Mexico)
Qualified by COZZANI in 2018.
E-mail: service.mexico@cozzani.com


COZZANI local partner.
Located in Klang (Malaysia)
– Under qualification –
E-mail: service.malaysia@cozzani.com


Currently under revision.


Currently under revision.