Marine Applications

Since various years Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani srl has been producing valves for reciprocating compressors installed on ships for starting diesel engines as well as for all needs where air must be compressed on ships and submarine.

The special environment in which these compressors operate, the high speed (from 1500 to 1800 rpm) and the high temperatures reached (up to 250°C) require a product of great quality and reliability.

The characteristics of these compressors, that can be cooled down with water or air, lubricated and non, require mostly the use of concentric valves, that amongst different types of valves have the lowest clearance.

CX concentric valves with metal rings and sinus springs and AMX valves with metal disc, with plate or finger springs, are particularly suitable for high speed compressors and grant low clearance.

In addition to these configurations we also design and supply LAM reed valves.

Reed Valve


Conc. Valve for Water-Cooled Compressor

Conc. Valve for Air-Cooled Compressor