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High section flow and efficiency for natural gas

These valves are represented by “slotted-rings” or “double-rings” made by thermoplastic materials, including glass or carbon fibre polymer compound.
The benefit of this type of solution is to have the same high section flow of a plate valve with the advantage of the ring as sealing element that means less ribs and torsional strains. This brings to better reliability and resistance with high level of pressures. The special compound materiai enables the rings to properly work also in presence of corrosive gases.
The APL valves are optimized for working in a wide range of operating conditions even thought they are typically selected for upstream natural gas processes with variable pressures and gas compositions such natural head gas, gathering, boosting, storage and treatment. They are frequently used also to compress natural gas in CNG on-line fueling and mother stations or even in refinery, petrochemical, chemical plants.

Technical Data

Compressor speed 1800 rpm
Max Temperature 200 °c
Max Pressure 200 bar
Max Diameter 390mm