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Cozzani Provides Canadian customers with excellent support by strengthening its partnership with Blackstone

ARCOLA, ITALY – November 22nd, 2023

COZZANI is pleased to announce that we recently signed an agreement with Blackstone as our local partner in Canada. The partnership ensures their shop located in Sherwood Park, Canada, is fully trained and operational, ready to provide expert assistance for all COZZANI products. This strategic initiative aims to enhance support for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of COZZANI valves.

Key Benefits for OEMs and End-users:

  1. Authorized Workshop with Skilled Workforce:
    Trust that all repair activities are carried out at our authorized repair centre by highly trained and skilled workers, maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  2. Advanced Repair and Testing Capabilities:
    Blackstone’s state-of-the-art repair and testing capabilities are designed strictly according to those at the COZZANI factory. Unmatched anywhere in the North American market, competitors simply can not offer the same level of service.
  3. Comprehensive Technical Support:
    Full technical support throughout the repair process directly from our designers and specialized technical staff, ensuring a thorough and informed service.
  4. Exclusive Use of Original Spare Parts:
    Blackstone employs only original COZZANI spare parts for overhauls, preserving the integrity and reliability of each valve.
  5. Valve Upgrading and Modifications:
    Take advantage of our expertise in upgrading and modifying valves using cutting-edge COZZANI engineering, enhancing the performance and efficiency of your equipment.
  6. Inventory Stocking for Swift Repairs:
    Minimize downtime with Blackstone’s inventory stocking service, which ensures the availability of spares for prompt repairs and maintenance.
  7. Consignment Stocks for Strategic Components:
    Enter into consignment stock agreements for strategic spare components, enabling a proactive approach to maintenance and reducing lead times.
  8. Convenient Valve Collection and Return:
    Blackstone offers the convenience of collecting valves directly from end-user plants and ensuring their timely return after repairs, streamlining the repair process.

COZZANI, by strengthening partnership with Blackstone, now provides unparalleled support with quality, expertise, and customer convenience in the Canadian market.

Together, we are positioned to offer the best, reliable service to OEMs and end-users alike.


For further information, please contact:
Claudio Vaglini, Area Sales Manager